WhereTheyStand data

This page contains links to view the various types of data that WhereTheyStand stores. It is hoped that over time this will be expanded to enable greater insights into the wealth of information found on this site.

Please be aware that these pages have measures in place to prevent automated scraping, including short-term access tokens and Google reCAPTCHA. This is less about preventing access to data but is about ensuring that the limited resources of this site are not abused. If you would like data files, or want to enquire about possible API endpoints, please feel free to use get in touch using the feedback form in the footer below.

Twitter data

WhereTheyStand stores details of the Twitter profiles of most MPs, and updates this information regularly. You can access a list of Twitter usernames, or compare the number of followers, Tweets and followed accounts a person has between two dates.

View Twitter data