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Data collection process

Twitter profile information and metrics are collected on a daily basis for incumbent MPs and parties, and on a weekly basis for all other people with profiles on WhereTheyStand. Each time profile information is updated, key metrics are recorded so that account growth or decline can be seen over time.

Generally, the daily data update happens at 12pm, which means you may be viewing yesterday's data if it is before this time.

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Account authenticity

Before a Twitter account is associated with a WhereTheyStand profile, it must be either verified by Twitter, linked from a party's official website or other verified page, or be confirmed as being authentic by that MP's office. Accounts may also be added where there are a combination of other factors which facilitate a reasonable belief that the account is authentic, such as follower count, who follows the account, and who has mentioned the account in Tweets.

Raw data

If you'd like access to raw data, this may be able to be furnished so long as it is in accordance with Twitter's restricted use case policy. Please get in touch via the feedback link in the footer below if you would like to discuss this.

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