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WhereTheyStand aggregates voting data, financial information, biographical information, and more.

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WhereTheyStand combs through Hansard to compile results for party and personal votes on whether bills should be read a first, second, or third time.

Third reading  13 November 2019

Passed by a majority of 18 votes (69 ayes, 51 noes, 0 abstentions)

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Quickly find where your MP stands on some of the most contentious issues debated by the House of Representatives.

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Data showing MPs' financial interests and expenditure of public funds is published on a regular basis, but in hard-to-navigate formats.

WhereTheyStand groups all this information with MPs' profiles.


AMP State Services Retirement Plan
ANZ KiwiSaver


ANZ Bank – mortgage on family home

Example extract only.

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Links to MPs' social media pages and contact details are also available on WhereTheyStand.

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A future update to WhereTheyStand will include aggregated Facebook and Instagram advertising data sourced from the newly released (in New Zealand) Facebook Ad Library, to the extent that Facebook's Terms of Use allow.