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Civil Aviation Bill

This bill repeals and replaces the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and the Airport Authorities Act 1966 wit…

In progress 02 June 2022 Michael Wood Labour
Road User Charges (Temporary RUC Reduction Scheme) Amendment Bill

This bill requires Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, as the collector of road user charges (RUC), to…

Enacted 11 April 2022 Michael Wood Labour
Fair Pay Agreements Bill

This bill would provide a framework for collective bargaining for fair pay agreements across entire…

In progress 06 April 2022 Michael Wood Labour
Land Transport (Drug Driving) Amendment Bill

This bill establishes a roadside oral fluid testing regime to test for recent drug use, and propose…

Enacted 11 March 2022 Michael Wood Labour
Land Transport (Clean Vehicles) Amendment Bill

The single broad policy of this omnibus bill is to achieve a rapid reduction in carbon dioxide emis…

Enacted 22 February 2022 Michael Wood Labour
Maritime Transport (MARPOL Annex VI) Amendment Bill

This bill provides a power for the Minister to make marine protection rules in relation to Annex VI…

Enacted 15 November 2021 Michael Wood Labour
Holidays (Increasing Sick Leave) Amendment Bill

The main purpose of this bill is to increase the availability of employer-funded sick leave for emp…

Enacted 25 May 2021 Michael Wood Labour
Regulatory Systems (Transport) Amendment Bill

The objective of this omnibus bill is to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the regulator…

Enacted 30 March 2021 Michael Wood Labour
Screen Industry Workers Bill

This bill introduces a workplace relations framework that will provide clarity about the employment…

In progress 06 August 2020 Michael Wood Labour