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Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill

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About this bill

This bill is an omnibus bill to prohibit conversion practices that seek to change or suppress a person's sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Vote counts

112 ayes (supporters)
8 noes (opposers)
0 abstentions
0 absent

Vote outcome

Motion agreed to; Motion agreed to.

Member of Parliament responsible


This vote employed split-party voting. This is when a vote is conducted as a party vote, but with one or more parties distributing their votes over two or all of the three options (Aye, No, and abstention). For parties which cast a split-party vote, the record of the vote shows how each MP's vote was cast.

Yes: ACT New Zealand 10 votes

Yes: Green Party 10 votes

Yes: Labour Party 65 votes

Yes: Māori Party 2 votes

Yes: Andrew Bayly National

Yes: David Bennett National

Yes: Chris Bishop National

Yes: Gerry Brownlee National

Yes: Judith Collins National

Yes: Jacqui Dean National

Yes: Matt Doocey National

Yes: Paul Goldsmith National

Yes: Nicola Grigg National

Yes: Harete Hipango National

Yes: Barbara Kuriger National

Yes: Christopher Luxon National

Yes: Ian McKelvie National

Yes: Mark Mitchell National

Yes: Joseph Mooney National

Yes: Todd Muller National

Yes: Maureen Pugh National

Yes: Penny Simmonds National

Yes: Scott Simpson National

Yes: Stuart Smith National

Yes: Erica Stanford National

Yes: Louise Upston National

Yes: Tim van de Molen National

Yes: Simon Watts National

Yes: Nicola Willis National

No: Simon Bridges National

No: Simeon Brown National

No: Melissa Lee National

No: Todd McClay National

No: Simon O'Connor National

No: Chris Penk National

No: Shane Reti National

No: Michael Woodhouse National

All data
Bill Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill
Parliament 53
Vote date 15 February 2022
Reading 3
Success Yes
Reason A party vote was called for on the question, That the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill be now read a third time.
Outcome Motion agreed to.
Vote type Party vote
Hansard status Corrected
Ayes 112
Noes 8
Abstentions 0
Absent 0

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