< Imprest Supply (First for 2019/20) Bill

Imprest Supply (First for 2019/20) Bill

About this bill

This Imprest Supply Bill provides the sole financial authority to incur expenses and capital expenditure and make capital injections from the start of the 2019/20 financial year until the Appropriation (2019/20 Estimates) Bill is passed.

Vote counts

63 ayes (supporters)
57 noes (opposers)
0 abstentions
0 absent

Vote outcome

Motion agreed to; Bill read a first time.

Member of Parliament responsible


Yes: Green Party 8 votes

Yes: Labour Party 46 votes

Yes: New Zealand First 9 votes

No: ACT New Zealand 1 vote

No: National Party 55 votes

No: Jami-Lee Ross Independent

All data
Bill Imprest Supply (First for 2019/20) Bill
Parliament 52
Vote date 25 June 2019
Reading 1
Success Yes
Reason A party vote was called for on the question, That the Imprest Supply (First for 2019/20) Bill be now read a first time.
Outcome Bill read a first time.
Vote type Party vote
Hansard status Final
Ayes 63
Noes 57
Abstentions 0
Absent 0

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